Avid S6 Control Surface - 24-faders with dual joystick panners - provides simultaneous access to all 4 Protools systems


Euphonix CS3000 digitally controlled analog console - 96 input channels, 24 output busses, 8 effects sends





Dolby ATMOS, 11.1, 7.1, 5.1:

Meyer Sound EXP Integrated Cinema Series System -

         Acheron 80 screen channels

         HMS-12, HMS-10 surround and ceiling channels

         X-800C primary system subwoofers (2)

         X-400 subwoofers (2) - Atmos surrounds bass management


PMC MB-3 XBD-A (x3) (tri-amped active system) - LCR (time aligned) - Dolby Home Atmos


BSS Soundweb London audio processing system


Dolby ATMOS Renderer Mastering Unit


Grace Design m906 5.1 monitor system



Alternate Monitor System:

ATC Model 100 plus Entec bass-management subwoofers (x3) - LCR system



Stereo Monitor System:

PMC MB-3 XBD-A (tri-amped active system)

ATC Model 100 plus Entec bass-management subwoofers

ATC SCM 25 Stereo Monitors

ATC Model 20 Stereo Monitors




Protools systems:

Electronic/Pre-record elements: Protools 12 HDX-3 with 64-channel Madi output + UA Ultimate

Plugins Bundle with 2 UAD Octo cards, Waves Platinum Bundle, Avid, SoundToys, many other plugins


Orchestral/acoustic elements: Protools 12 HDX-3 - 72 Avid A-D/D-A converters


Mixdown recorder: Protools 12 HDX-2 - up to 88-channels simultaneously (Madi + Analog)


Video: Protools 12 dedicated video system




Analog Reverbs/Effects:

Euphonix Dynamics Units - 44-channels

Lexicon 960L Dual Engine Digital Effects Unit (2 units, 2 engines per unit; up to 4 x 5.0 verbs or 32                     stereo verbs)

TC Electronics 6000 Digital Effects Unit

Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb (3 units)

Lexicon PCM96 Surround Reverb

Bricasti M7 Stereo Reverb Processor (4 units)

DBX120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer (2 units)

Eventide 2016 digital reverb




Analog Equalizers: 

Avalon Audio AD2055 dual mono parametric (2 units)

GML 8200 parametric (2 units)

Manley Massive Passive

Millennia Media NSEQ-2 (2 units)

Neve 1081 (2 channels)

Summit Audio EQP-200B




Analog Limiters/Compressors:

dbx 160vu (2 units)

Manley Vari-mu Limiter/Compressor

Millennia Media TCL-2

Neve 33609

Solid State Logic XLogic Multi-channel (5.1)




Studio Clocks:

Antelope Isochrone 10M Atomic Reference Generator

Antelope Isochrone Trinity Master Clock

Brainstorm DCD-8 Master Clock Distripalizer with video card (2 units)





Christie digital video projector

12 ft. x 20 ft. screen





High Security (monitored) Wired/Wireless Broadband Internet (Marvel Studios vetted and approved)

Wifi based security cameras (4) with 7-day recording per camera

Isolation booth

Private client office

Cable television

Full kitchen



Sound Waves SB

a Dolby ATMOS, 11.1, 7.1, and 5.1 Mix Facility